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We started Millman Management to assist small business owners in capturing and distributing value through video and photography. We specialize in Social Media Content and Deployment, focusing on educating owners and pairing them with the tools to grow their community online and physically through social media channels. 

We get to focus on what we know best: using video and content to build community through social media, while you get to reshift your focus back to your passion.

Our Team is highly motivated by collaboration and resource sharing, giving us an edge against our competition.  


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Moses Millman

Founder and Managing Director

Moses here! My background is in videography, photography, and Social Media Marketing. I started Millman Management to bring together creatives and present brands with messaging that represents them. Nowadays, I focus on client acquisition, MM expansion, and transforming brand concepts into reality.


Henry Reyes

Founding Partner - Project Manager

Friends! My background is in small business ownership and Social Media Management. For Millman Management I work on managing projects and deliverables as well as partner and customer outreach.


Teddy Miller

Product Photographer

Teddy Boy Coming Back Atcha

My work for M.M involves mostly product photography for our partner and project businesses. I focus on translating brand identity through product and scene photography, giving brands authentic representations of their unique position through product photography.  

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